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  • Fast payback period from 6 to 12 months
  • A separate management company to support the franchisee
  • Simple business with high profitability up to 450,000 rubles
  • No medical license is required
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Pavel Komarov - the founder of the "SOL PLUS" network, the winner of the international competition EY Entrepreneur of the Year
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Opinion of the most popular business blogger in Russia Dmitry Portnyagin about salt caves
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Awarding of Pavel Komarov in the nomination Healthy lifestyle in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition


"Sol Plus" is the largest network of salt caves in Russia.

Today, "Sol Plus" is a well-formed effective business model. We know exactly how the salt cave should work, what factors are important at opening, which channels of advertising should be used, and which ones should be forgotten. We transfer this knowledge from 2014 to our partners.

The "Sol Plus" franchise is included in TOP 100 of the best franchises in Russia under the version of "BeBoss“

In 2012, in the city of Lipetsk, the founder of the network Pavel Komarov opened the first salt cave. During the first two years of our work, we made many mistakes, spent over 800,000 rubles on advertising, lost hundreds of clients. We learned a lot during this time, we will teach you too!

Cities in Russia and CIS countries
Today, there are 90 branches in the network
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Salt cave is a specially equipped room in which the effect is achieved thanks to the dry aerosol of sodium chloride in the air, which penetrates into the very depths of the respiratory organs, cleaning them. The effect is felt after the fifth visit. Especially effective for children.


Our team of professionals will help you to open a salt cave in your city and will support you in solving any issues related to this business.

By purchasing the "Sol Plus" franchise, you get not only effective tools for attracting customers, but also the vast experience of the entire network, which allows you to avoid mistakes in work and save your money.

You will get a salt cave on a turnkey basis
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We pay special attention to the premises

We will help you to find the best option for locating an affiliate in your city.

Each option that you have selected, we further analyze for compliance with all of our criteria: location, traffic flows, the volume of the target audience within the radius of the salt cave coverage, planning, compliance with technical requirements and the financial model of our franchise. Every little thing is important. Nothing will be left without attention.

The choice of location is one of the most important stages when opening a salt cave.

Our experience will help you find the most suitable place in your city.

We place our bets on a unique design

We feel particularly pride in our salt cave design

Each project is developed individually. You will see how your salt cave will look even before construction begins. We do not have "standard projects", each salt cave is unique. To see this, just look at our projects - they speak for themselves.

Planning solution

We will help you with the arrangement of furniture in the reception area, give advice on its selection. We will provide you with a draft layout of the mounted and dismantled partitions.

3D visualization

Three-dimensional visualization of your future salt cave, prepared by our designer, taking into account all technical features of the premises and building standards.

Real photo of a salt cave

Photo of the finished project of a real salt cave in Pavlovsky Posad, built in 2017.

We make construction work with the help of our specialists

We will take all the work on the construction of the salt room.

You will not need to think about where and which wires to buy, what kind of salt to order, how to deliver equipment or where the assembly team will live. You only need to buy a music center, chairs (chaise lounges) and children's toys, according to the characteristics. The rest we take upon ourselves. You get salt cave which is ready to work.

We provide a step-by-step plan

We understand how many tasks you need to perform before opening your salt cave. In a hurry and fuss you risk missing important points or simply inefficiently to schedule time.


You will receive consultations on an ongoing basis and in an unlimited number

Each participant of the "Sol Plus" network gets access to all the tools and secret developments. More about the main ones:

You are served by a management company

Always in touch to answer any of your questions

Website and social networks

We will independently develop and fill the necessary information with the Internet resources for your affiliate and give you access. The site, groups in social networks - all this is already ready for work. Develop them by following the instructions.


We will prepare the necessary layouts for you, starting with business cards, finishing with detailed information about the salt cave. In addition, we will give recommendations on the choice of the printing house and advise the proven performers. You will only have to pay for printing services and get your materials on time.

Required Documentation

You will receive a complete documentation package for all equipment installed in your salt cave.

You will get access to more than 700 advertising layouts, documents, master classes, training videos and everything you need for effective work.



The main tool for the work of the staff of the salt room. Convenient records of customers, implementation of sales and maintaining the database for the administrator.


Internal corporate social network. With its help, all interaction between franchisees, managers and performers in the network is realized.

Knowledge base

One of the most valuable resources of our franchise, which collected all the necessary information in an easy to use form. This is a kind of "Wikipedia" for our network.


Every year we gather all franchisees, we invite specialists for training, we conduct master classes. You can ask questions to the founder of the network. We rest together, learn and share our experiences. Every year we are more and more.

Join our club of like-minded persons, together we are power!


Every year we gather all franchisees, we invite specialists for training, we conduct master classes. You can ask questions to the founder of the network. We rest together, learn and share our experiences. Every year we are more and more.

  • The youngest franchisee - 21 years old
  • The oldest franchisee is 63 years old
  • For 80% of franchisees this is the first experience in business
  • More than 40% of franchisees are women
  • The average revenue of the salt cave is 210,000 rubles


From the very beginning, we never cease to amaze and win in Russian and international competitions and receive awards.

Pavel Komarov
Founder and General Director of «Sol Plus»
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The Winning the International EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Competition in the nomination "Healthy Lifestyle"

Entrepreneur Pavel Komarov, the founder and General Director of the "Sol Plus" company, became the winner of the International EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Competition in the nomination "Healthy Lifestyle"

The "Entrepreneur of the Year" competition of EY is the most prestigious international competition for entrepreneurs. This unique competition allows to recognize successes of entrepreneurial activity of people who inspire others with their ideas, enthusiasm and achievements. As the first and the only competition of this kind, "Entrepreneur of the Year" aims to recognize the merits of the creators and leaders of successful, fast growing and dynamically developing companies at the regional, national and international levels. EY company is the organizer of the competition, the winner is determined by an independent jury. The contest is held in more than 145 cities of 60 countries.

The network of salt caves «Sol Plus»

The central office of the «Sol Plus» company

Russian Federation, Lipetsk, Kuznechny per. 20, office 1

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